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Mitashi Skykids Kinder Grabb Ball Crayon
• 3ball Crayons for easy grips
• Easily Washable From Clothes and Surface 
• Vibrant & Kid attractive colour loved by kids trusted by parents
Mitashi Skykids Kinder Grabb Pebble Crayon
Mitashi SkyKids Learning Car musical Toy

Learning car:

Learn alphabets &Number with Musical and Light

Musical Melodies make your child happy & dance

Colourfull fights flasher brightly grabbing childs attentions


• It has Alphanumeric Key

• It has Button which play music

• It has switching mode.

• It has light

• It has horn

• It string Movement 360

• IT Has touch point

• Run on 3X AA Battery

Mitashi Skykids Musiacl Fedding Bottle

Features  Musical Feeding Bottle

(  Kids First Role Play Toy)

• It Play Various Melodies

• Rhythmic Light

• It has Chap Sound

• It has Musical Key

• It Play clap Sound

• It Plays animal Sound

• Age Group 6+Months

• Features:

• Younger child stats Knowing feeding  Bottle

• The Product is made from Quality of material for the safely of children

Mitashi Skykids Musical Car Key

Features  Skykids Musical Car Key

( Child First car Key)

• Big Colorful   Button

• Makes Different Sound

• Soft to Touch

• Easy Grip

• Soothing Light

• It Has Sparking Light

• It has sound Key

• ON and Off Button

• Light Key

• 3XAA Battery

• Age Group 0-12 months  

Mitashi SkyKidz  Dashing Dalmatian Musical Toy
• The Animal runs & moves around with your child.
• Colourful LED lights flashes brightly grabbing childs attention
• Musical Melodies makes your child happy & dance with animal
INR 599/-
INR 599/-
Mitashi SkyKidz Air Hover Soccer

Features :

• Rubber bumbers for safe indoor playing

• Sparkling Lights

• Floats over almost all indoor surfaces

Mitashi SkyKidz Aqua Bubbies
• The Animal runs & moves around with your child.
• Musical Melodies makes your child happy & dance with animal
INR 599/-
INR 499/-
Mitashi Skykidz Bonanza Pack
Dough-6 Nos (25g each)
It is Non-Toxic
Childs' safety ensured
Net wt: 150 gms (approx)


Mitashi Skykidz Bubble Submarine Musical Toy
  • Shoots playful bubbles 
  • Attractive flashy lights 
  • Lively and cheerful music
INR 699/-
Mitashi SkyKidz Bubbly Beetle Learning Toy

• Learn Different Colours and Shapes

• Learn Numbers and Letters

• Special Music Key to Twist and Play

INR 1,249/-
INR 999/-
Mitashi Skykidz Captain Jack Musical Toy
  • Cheerful Music 
  • Appealing Flashing light 
  • Bump & Go action for non-stop fun 
INR 699/-