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Mitashi Hobby Lobby Chic and Trendy Jewellery Boutique
• Woodland Beauty
• Watch Fashion
• Aquatic Ornaments
• Vintage Laced Bracelets
Mitashi Hobby Lobby Hair Wrap
• 1 Style Comb
• 2 Rubber Band
• 1 Hobby Lobby Braider
INR 585/-
Mitashi Playsmart  4 In 1 Game
• Minimum 2 players upto 4 
• Can play 4 games on 1 board
• Experience ease and convenience while playing
Mitashi Playsmart CUBIX PRO 3X3
  • Manual Skills
  • Durable
  • Thinking Ability
  • Silken touch
  • No Stickers
INR 299/-
Mitashi Playsmart Dart Board with 6 Darts
  • Can be played Indoor/Outdoor
  • Safe, fun and light-weight
  • Double-sided Target faces
INR 599/-
Mitashi Sky Kidz  My E-Book Hindi and English Learning Toy
• First ever educational product available in Hindi language
• Largest selection programs to choose 
• Can learn, read, understand Alphabets, Numbers, Words, Vegetables, Fruits & Vehicles in both Language Hindi English
Mitashi Skykids Kinder Grabb Pebble Crayon
Mitashi SkyKidz  Dashing Dalmatian Musical Toy
• The Animal runs & moves around with your child.
• Colourful LED lights flashes brightly grabbing childs attention
• Musical Melodies makes your child happy & dance with animal
INR 599/-
INR 599/-
Mitashi Skykidz Bonanza Pack
Dough-6 Nos (25g each)
It is Non-Toxic
Childs' safety ensured
Net wt: 150 gms (approx)


Mitashi Skykidz Captain Jack Musical Toy
  • Cheerful Music 
  • Appealing Flashing light 
  • Bump & Go action for non-stop fun 
INR 699/-
Mitashi SkyKidz happiness pack

6 colors (50g each )

INR 185/-
INR 159/-
Mitashi Skykidz My Bubble Ice Cream Car Musical Toy
  • Flashing lights 
  • Attractive feel good music 
  • Bump & Go action for non-stop fun 
INR 699/-